Meet Sammy Clarita

Find Sammy Clarita

Join the adventure to find Sammy in the City. Just follow these four rules:

  1. Follow the City of Santa Clarita on Instagram for posts sharing clues about where to find Sammy.
  2. If you find Sammy more than once, please leave him for someone else to find.
  3. Post a Sammy selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #IFoundSammyClarita when you find him.
  4. Take him home and make him your furever friend!

Sammy’s Book

Join Sammy Clarita on his next adventure as he learns about The New Sheriff’s Station, Canyon Country Community Center and The Cube – Ice and Entertainment Center! Watch Sammy and his snake sidekick on their whacky adventures making friends along the way! The book is available for download in English and can be checked out at your local Santa Clarita Public Library branch.

Sammy’s Videos


Who’s Found Sammy?