Meet Sammy Clarita

About Sammy Clarita

Sammy Clarita is a horse who lives in Santa Clarita. He thinks the City was named after him, when it was actually named after the river that runs through the City.

Our furry little friend galloped his way into local stardom when he began proclaiming his love for the City during the City’s 30th Anniversary in 2017. Sammy went to various City events and locations including the Cowboy Festival, a flag football game at Central Park, and even dressed up as Darth Vader for a Library event! You can still find Sammy around the City – and if you find him, you can keep him! Learn more about how to find Sammy!

Sammy’s Book

This year, Sammy is head over hooves for the Santa Clarita Public Library. He even wrote his very own book called “Sammy Stories: Meet Sammy Clarita.” The book is available for download in English and Spanish, in local third grade classrooms and can be checked out at your local Santa Clarita Public Library branch.

Sammy’s Videos

Find Sammy Clarita

Join the adventure to find Sammy in the City. Just follow these four rules:

  1. Follow the City of Santa Clarita on Instagram for posts sharing clues about where to find Sammy.
  2. If you find Sammy more than once, please leave him for someone else to find.
  3. Post a Sammy selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #IFoundSammyClarita when you find him.
  4. Take him home and make him your furever friend!

Who’s Found Sammy?